Time for Action Again? (emailed updates?)

History has a way of repeating itself, however, it can be stopped. There are many people signed up from years ago to receive notifications of updates we post. There is nothing in particular right now, it’s just been a while since we used this site. We can not see who, nor can we remove, anyone from that list. If you no longer want to receive updates, hit the unsubscribe button that should be at the bottom of your email notification. Don’t worry- we won’t be offended if you choose to- we can’t see who does anyway 🙂

Help Us Prove We Are “Real”


Interview for Huffington Post, Washington, DC. April 2013

We have to prove to the U.S. Government that we are a “real” couple and did not “fake our marriage” for Sam to solely obtain a green card (Please hold your comments, the “law is the law”).  We are on short notice for this due to some circumstances that arose. Some of you helped us a few years ago with writing letters stating you knew us, had spent time with us, etc. We are in need of the same. We are pretty good on photo evidence, but if anyone has some of us they think we may not, please let us know. If you do not have our home or mobile phone numbers, or email addresses, you can drop us an email via this website. We need help ASAP. We are meeting with our Atty. in one week, on Friday 17 July. Logistically, we know this is tough, but hoping that with your help, like last time, we can make this happen.
Thank You!

Sam & Gary