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Personal posts by Sam and Gary.

YouTube Recommends

YouTube Recommends UglyBirdhouse

We are not sure how to take this past week’s email, from YouTube, for “We think you’d like...
(What do they mean; they “think”  we would like ourselves?!)

We think it is one of the following:
1. We are over-due for a video update.
2. That our software blocking Google Tracking is working well.
3. Google thinks Sam is the more “photogenic one” of us.
4. Remind us where we were last year at this time, to where we will be a year from now.

Decided on the latter.

What do you think?

Pride 2014!

One year and one week ago, tomorrow, WE “stood up” and started our “Year of Pride.” One year ago tomorrow, something changed, started by ONE WOMAN who “stood up” on her own! Her strength and perseverance, made tomorrow possible: the one year anniversary of the demise of D.O.M.A. What she accomplished for ALL, must not be forgotten!

Our absence of blog posts, the “where have you been?”, in a  way, further represents our pride in what we accomplished, on our own (with the legal help, of course, of our amazing Immigration attorney).

We have decided to let the images “speak for themselves.” Like any story, there is always “more to it”, and now is not the time for that (But the rest of our story, will be told!) For now, we are PROUD of what WE did, on our own, and celebrate what Edith Windsor did for ALL OF US. It is a different start to summer for us this year; for many others as well. Do not forget, while we were victorious, there are many still fighting to be treated equally under the law.


“Front page man!” was what one friend’s text message read. Suzanne, Gary’s sister, sent this photo, about an hour later: a quick cell phone shot of the display stand at the CVS Pharmacy, in Somers, NY. June 21, 2013. First image we saw, before having seen the paper ourselves, hours later.


An Honor for us! - Ourselves with "The Goddess", Alice Hoaglund, and our "Best Man" Rick Clark, at the NYC premiere of "The Rugby Player" at Lincoln Center on Wednesday, September 11, 2013.

An Honor for us!  “Will Sam & Gary be coming?!” We did make it. Ourselves, with “The Goddess”, Alice Hoaglund, and our “Best Man” Rick Clark, at the NYC premiere of “The Rugby Player” at Lincoln Center on Wednesday, September 11, 2013.


A phone call, from Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty

A phone call, one evening in Oct 2013, from Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty, to congratulate us on what we had accomplished (photo, Spring 2013). We knew we had received spousal approval. Only a few could be trusted with that information. Additionally, a quote from Rep. Esty, that the press did NOT include when our “victory” story was published…..“Since I met Gary and Sam this past spring, I have been continuously inspired by their strength and perseverance. I’m thrilled that Gary and Sam can enjoy married life without fear of unjust immigration laws, and I am so proud to stand with them in the fight for true equality for all families.”



Sam found the perfect card  for Gary- to celebrate our 2nd year of marriage. Finally recognized here in the United States.

Sam found the perfect card for Gary- to celebrate our 2nd year of marriage. Finally, recognized here in the United States! (England recognized our CT marriage license, a year and a half prior.)


Post Doma Fight for Right to Party

OUR VICTORIOUS SUCCESS: What Gary fought for the hardest, POST the fall of D.O.M.A.:  for Sam to attend his father’s 70th Birthday Party, February 8, 2014, in England, with all legal documentation; Green- Card approved and in his hand!  Sam had been “illegally trapped” here by the D.O.J. and Homeland Security, for more than a year and a half. FINALLY, PICTURED TOGETHER AGAIN..SAM and HIS FAMILY!