Silence Can Be Words of a Friend

Well here we go. First post. It’s a sort of “test” post, but one I needed to make today. So here goes everything….

We miss you Sheffield. You were the best friend a man could ask for. You sacrificed your own well-being so that I could try to get mine back. You said and asked for nothing from me for months. You only spoke when the pain was too much for you to bear anymore.  I can’t believe it’s been four years since we had to say goodbye. How I wish I had known that the last photo I took of you would be so strong. It’s as if James Joyce’s “The Dead” was being read to me, but I was not listening.

We love you and always will.


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1 American man & 1 British man who met, fell in love, got married, who were not allowed to live together. Three months after the demise of DOMA, we fought to gain rights that never should have been denied. Prior, lied to by fraud attorney for over 2 years. We have equality now, most do not. We will continue to stand for equality for all until they are able to!

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