Roller-Coastered Out! [Status Update]

rollercoasterlargesuckedinIt’s just like being at the carnival. You know…when you want to go on another ride, but of course, the tickets required for it are not what is left in your hand.  You say to yourself, “do I really want to buy another ticket book just to go on that ride?”, or do you just skip the ride you want to take (and throw away what is left of what you’ve bought). Most people we know, would give the extra tickets to someone who is just arriving at the carnival, so others can hopefully gain more from what they otherwise, would  throw away.

I have said previously, I should have never used  the “roller-coaster” analogy in our site description. Rather than try and explain our latest “you’ve got to be kidding me?!” update, we thought, “let’s share it in a time frame what the past 48+ hours have been like.”

For privacy, legal, and other reasons: short, not specific on who or how, but enough to get an idea.

We’ll begin with that first, high climb a roller-coaster makes…once the ride operator decides to release the bar.

Tuesday, 17 September
6:30 PM: Meet the Pet Shop Boys in city before their show!! (We will make post another day with photos and why was special and ironic for us). Lawyer call just before show, but will not ruin the positive those details.

Wednesday 18 September: 
1PM: Appt. to file Mandamus action in  District Court to force USCIS to transfer our case to Hartford Office; [Legal Docs Link]
– Prepare and sign application to USCIS to allow Sam to travel;
– Informed of USCIS policy all re-opened cases must have interview, etc. before one year expiration of medical exam (Sam’s done 26 October 2012).
5:00 PM : Arrive at house.
6:30 PM Gary starts work for school and work on video for web client.
8:00 PM: Email & Text- Urgent document needed by different attorney.
10:00 PM: Sign, scan and send document.

Thursday 19 September
1:30 AM: Email and text message received regarding document sent. Never return to bed.
4:00 AM: Apparent will be unable to go into work.
7:30 AM: Contact family in UK for a document needed.
11:15 AM Receive document from family in UK.
2:30 PM: Receive news regarding case!!! Two aspects approved!!!! (spousal and residency) AND are being prepared to transfer to Hartford Office !!!!! 🙂
– However….Employment Authorization application missing Sam’s photo 🙁 (USCIS should have taken on 6 Feb when there for Biometric appointment).
– New appointment scheduled for 11 October for Photo to be taken in Port Chester.
– Expedited processing in Hartford requested for Interview!!
4:00 PM: Receive news interview will be scheduled around 2nd/3rd October!!!!!!  🙂
4:01PM: Realization new appointment at USCIS for photo is post possible interview date. More so, that 11 October date there is NO way all will get processed in 8 days before medical Exam expiration!  🙁
4:15PM: Request made for earlier appointment date at Port Chester
4:45 PM: Request made for earlier date appointment at different location

Friday 20 September:
9:00 AM I request USCIS make exception to Sept 30th 1 year of Medical exam rule and accommodate us immediately on photo processing since their error (4th error- nothing should have ever been denied going back to first application)
3:30 PM Ran into friend on way home from work. Was Informed by him when USCIS made similar error on his Employment Application (missing photo) USCIS told him to just come in as soon as he could to have it taken, since it was their fault and he had proof of visit (We have same proof of visit).
4:30 PM I vent about frustrations of hearing information about USCIS telling friend to come in ASAP for his missing photo, to two VERY incredible, supportive, and hard-working individuals, who have gone above and beyond for Sam and myself (One who is not obligated to help at all, but has done more than we can ever thank him for!)
5:30 PM Lay down on new lounge chair on deck, purchased in April, for 10 minutes. I never used once all summer; Sam only used once in July. I can now say I actually “relaxed” on the deck, on lounge chair, over the summer (got in just in time since we are down to only hours of summer left 🙂
6:00 PM Begin wait until Monday for latest twist, turn, loop, of roller-coaster ride!

So what does that all mean? We are either within weeks of being able to start our lives together, or many months away from it; starting aspects again from the start ….all because one person at USCIS forgot to take Sam’s photo And, as has been the case, to no legal fault of ours for almost 4 years now, or our attorney’s (current, don’t forget fraud atty. years)…just USCIS not following the laws they should have (from November 2012 on).  We follow law; others who should, don’t or held accountable. And again, also, as has been the case and said to us many times, “you can’t make this S*#t up!  🙂

We continue, as always, hope that the ride operator decides to engage the ride’s brakes sooner than later  🙂

4 thoughts on “Roller-Coastered Out! [Status Update]

  1. Georgette Greason

    Your perseverance will lead to positive results though I am so sorry that it is taking so long for you. I’ll continue to pray for you and others who may be struggling with similar dilemma.
    On another note, love the clip of Georgie.. too cute and funny.


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