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YouTube Recommends

YouTube Recommends UglyBirdhouse

We are not sure how to take this past week’s email, from YouTube, for “We think you’d like...
(What do they mean; they “think”  we would like ourselves?!)

We think it is one of the following:
1. We are over-due for a video update.
2. That our software blocking Google Tracking is working well.
3. Google thinks Sam is the more “photogenic one” of us.
4. Remind us where we were last year at this time, to where we will be a year from now.

Decided on the latter.

What do you think?


Almost 3 and a half years…tonight, they arrived!
Held in storage since 2010 from years of lies and deceit by a fraudulent attorney, followed by a year of fighting the U.S. government over not following their own Federal laws…released by customs last week…two VERY large “early Christmas” packages arrived this evening!

Sam’s belongings are FINALLY in OUR HOME!

Anxious waiting with freezing drizzle

Anxious waiting with freezing drizzle coming down (Sam is standing just to left of the lamp-post).


First of the two pallets of furniture, clothes, etc. are unloaded!

First of the two pallets of furniture, pictures, clothes, etc. are unloaded!

 MOVING IT IN! (Video Link)

Ironically, after all this time, it was only a matter of 10 minutes to get everything inside  the house!(Unpacking it all over next few days, should be interesting on many levels, to say the least! 🙂