“Mr Wanderlingh is coming to Washington!”

Make that, Mr. Conlon & Mr. Wanderlingh are going to Washington, DC….and not because we are chaperoning the 8th grade trip! Details to be posed very soon!


Our First Video Blog Attempt:  US on our D.C. Trip (CLICK HERE)

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1 American man & 1 British man who met, fell in love, got married, who were not allowed to live together. Three months after the demise of DOMA, we fought to gain rights that never should have been denied. Prior, lied to by fraud attorney for over 2 years. We have equality now, most do not. We will continue to stand for equality for all until they are able to!

3 thoughts on ““Mr Wanderlingh is coming to Washington!”

  1. Alicia Boada Balsman

    Thinking if you both this week. May you find your grace and inner strength. – Fall seven times, stand up eight…

    Show them how it’s done!

    Alicia (Lish)

  2. Suzanne Wanderlingh

    Well, here you go…on a journey you never could have imagined taking. I’m so proud of you and will be thinking of you every step of the way over the next few days-I love you both!


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