Full Video of Press Conference with Senator Blumenthal

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 5.08.16 PMLink to the entire video of our press conference on Monday with Senator Richard Blumenthal. (on Our YouTube Channel). What is important in this video is the Senator’s clear and full explanation of why we are still in “limbo”; his requests prior to DOMA being struck down, and since, to D.O.H.S. on re-opening applications such as ours, and the friends we have met thru this experience, in the video. Reporter Mark Davis, of WTNH did a great story on us (thanks Mark) and our friends personal aspects. However, politically, if you really want to understand why the Senator called his press conferences, watch this video (just click on one of the photos).


We speak about 10 minutes in if you are pressed for time 🙂 But the Senator’s explanation prior REALLY says what the problem is for us and so many.

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