Happy Birthday Sam!

The usual pre- birthday questions of “what can I get him?”, “what does he need?”…and  all knew it was a bit pointless as what he needs is what no one can get him. What, then, could I give Sam on his birthday? What do you get for the man who has given up everything for you and has received nothing in return but stress, isolation, and boredom (although he never gets tired of real Italian food from family members).

I thought long and hard about what kind of gift to get Sam. There is nothing I can buy and give him as a birthday gift. So I gave what I was able to today…which was continue to work on fighting for our rights and something I can not easily do nowadays…a few hours together.

The only other gift I could come up with is to tell the world (if they don’t already know), that he is the most incredible man, as well as the world’s most handsome man! To prove it, I thought I’d tell an “embarrassing tale” that proves he is the world’s most handsome man…and love at first sight does exist…

When I first Sam, I thought to myself…“this man is WAY too good looking for me! Totally out of my league!” (Just ask my colleague who was with me). On my first visit to Sam’s father’s and step-mum’s house, I of course got the tour; looked at all the family photos over the years on the walls, shelves, and on later visits, in the old photo albums. There was one family photo on a shelf I could not figure out from the first visit onward who all the people in it were. After getting to know his entire family over the years, on a later visit I was able to say to myself  “OK, that’s Sarah, there is Claire, Mike, the kids, but who are these two guys I could not recognize at all?” Why did I not ask? Because from the first time I saw that photo, I said to myself “who the hell is that guy!?  Wow his is hot!”. I was NOT about to ask that of my new partner’s family, or to him, and later on, especially when he was my spouse! Well last year I finally got up the nerve to ask and say to Jo (my mother-in-law)… “OK, so this picture has been bothering me. I can’t figure out everyone in it. I now know who that other guy is,  but who is this guy? (I pointed to the “hot” one). “Oh, that’s Sam. Looks a bit different, huh?”  And I started to laugh and finally felt a sense of “phew!” …I then told Sam and everyone how I was afraid to ask over the years who the very skinny guy, with a full beard, and very long hair…in a photo taken over 15 years ago…. “that guy is hot- who is he?”….because I had the world’s most handsome man with me there (there could not be two in the world!) So there is your scientific proof…of love at first site and I AM married to the world’s most handsome man!

Sam looked VERY different then, he looked very different when we met, he looks different now than he did even at our wedding almost 2 years ago. To me…he will always look the same….the world’s most handsome man!

If you don’t know him on the “inside”, then you’ are missing out. He is even more beautiful inside.

So world…listen carefully because I can only yell it so loud….


I love you and always will!

US in Seaford UK, Aug 2010. He was then and always will be the world's most handsome man!

US in Seaford UK, Aug 2010. He was then and always will be the world’s most handsome (and incredible) man!

Celebrating One Year Anniversary 2012




US August 2013

US August 2013

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  1. Becky Williams

    Happy Birthday Sam! I hope you had a great day! You are both in my thoughts and I keep hoping to hear that everything is all settled and you can finally get on with your lives! I will keep hoping!


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