Multi-Post-Green Card Update

“So…how is it?” (Been getting asked that a lot lately!)….Well, we can’t believe it’s been a month since we received Sam’s Green Card! We thought we had no concept of time waiting?!; it’s even worse after the fact! (but in a good way!) Downside is, we have missed celebrating and sharing some news. So here’s a “Multi-Post Green-Card Update” to fill you in….

gcrn1gcrn31. Gary’s sister Suzanne and Mom, and our “best man” Rick Clark, came by the day after we physically received the card, to celebrate (impromptu, almost like our wedding). We were treated to a nice surprise, by an old family friend (Thank you Mrs. Gregus!),  who sent a cake up for us with Gary’s mom to send her love and congratulations!

gcrn2We waited a long time
and finally used champagne glasses that were part of a wedding gift to us!

gcrn4More so, we opened up the actual Champagne we have been saving since we got married!








2. We celebrated our
2nd wedding anniversary on November 11th! What did we do? Nothing! Had a weekend of no internet and emails and just enjoyed being in OUR HOME (no longer just a house!) We had intended ot post about it on our actual anniversary, but out of respect for it being Veteran’s Day, we did not (and that is truly why we were married on November 11th: Gary was off from work for Veteran’s Day. It was coincidence, not intended or planned, that we were married on 11.11.11)

Sam found the perfect card!

Sam found the perfect card!


nwestchexampicWe were front page story of the Northern Westchester Examiner!  Some people saw it (was limited in physical distribution) but it is now online for all to see! We want to thank reporter Janine Bowen, who, in an ironic twist, contacted us just as we heard there was progress on our application! She was more that patient, and did a nice job of changing a story that was asking for help (the ONLY media outlet to extend help with our situation while we were still in limbo) and changing/sharing it to a “happy ending” story (seems the Somers Daily Voice picked up on it as well now that is it online). Link to fully story is in the US in The Media page above.

We are flattered that we have been asked to speak at the New Haven Pride Center next month to “share our story”, along with our attorney, Kevin Dehghani. More details to come once we know the exact date and details!  If you are local, and able to, please come support the center through US by letting people know who will be in attendance that  there is help out there and people DO care!

What’s ahead?
Well, as we were warned, we “knocked down the 100 ft. wall but there will lot of “10-20 ft. walls popping up”…and they have….Sam’s belongings have FINALLY made it across the Atlantic! They are being held by US Customs right now for inspection and we hope to have them here within a couple weeks (although, a tad scared what condition after 3 years of storage!). There’s bank accounts to be set-up; bank transfers and business aspects to sort out. Sam is finally covered by Gary’s health insurance. Sam has to go an obtain his Connecticut driver’s license. As far as the Connecticut DMV is concerned, he is the equivalent of a “16 year old” and has to first obtain his permit, then take driver’s education courses, and after 90 days, can take his road test.


Balloons.tiff_256x256WHEN’S THE PARTY GOING TO BE!??!!  Well…there will be none. It’s not that we would not like to celebrate with everyone! (we did, two years ago when we were married). There is a bitter-sweetness to our victory…it is not one that changed laws or broke new ground. What we fought for, we had been legally denied by the U.S. Government for over a year (two plus years of fraud attorney prior to that). While we would like to celebrate and throw a big victory party, frankly, we just can’t afford it.

While Sam is able to work now, he is still unable to drive. Therefore, he can not open the business he intended to (thanks to fraud attorney for misleading us for so long and amount of money we both unnecessarily spent!), nor can he drive yet if he was able to obtain a place of employment.



When we think back to where we were a year ago,
it seems like 10.
When we think to where were were 4 years ago,
seems like 20!
Therefore, we think we’ll have a 25th Anniversary party,
next summer?

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