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Journal Newstand of US, at CVS in Somers, June 2013.—————————————————————————————————————–

The Norther Westchester Examiner 8 Nov 2013
(FYI: very large .pdf file)

Somers Daily Voice 17 Nov 2013

The Somers Record
  25 July 2013
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Of all the news/media written articles, reporter Sylvan Lane, did the best job of really summarizing our story and telling it in a way no one else was able to!

Corrections from original Article 1 Aug 2013



US with Senator Richard Blumenthal

Full video of Press Conference
with Senator Blumenthal
15 July 2103




WTNH TV Interview 15 July 2013



US outside Our Birdhouse 18 Jun 2013

US outside The Birdhouse 18 Jun 2013

USAToday  21 June 2013

Journal News  21 June 2013
Written Article

Video Interview
Written Article 26 June 2013

Somers Daily Voice 24 June 2013
Somers Daily Voice 27 June 2013



US being interviewed at Hart Senate Office Building by Elise Foley of Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Posted: 04/24/2013 7:09 pm EDT  |  Updated: 04/25/2013 10:35 am EDT WASHINGTONGary Wanderlingh, who is American, and Samuel Conlon, who is British were introduced...READ MORE

Do we really have to say where are in this photo?

Do we really have to say where are in this photo?

Washington Blade
Also among the couples on Capitol Hill was Sam Conlon and Gary Wanderlingh, who reside in New Fairfield, Conn. Wanderlingh is seeking the opportunity to sponsor Conlon, a British national, for residency in the United States. Married in Connecticut in 2011, the couple has twice filed spousal petitions that were both denied on March 29….READ MORE

DOMA Poject
(story written/edited by DOMA Project from our perspective based on hardship letters to USCIS and our work in DC)
“Fighting USCIS and DOMA, Gary and Sam Spend their Honeymoon in D.C., Refusing to Give Up” …READ MORE (“Honeymoon” reference is to video we made on drive to D.C.; was not just first road trip ever in The U.S., but the first time we have ever been away since we were married.)



US, Sam & Gary : August 2013

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  2. Celeste

    Gary! Love & best wishes to you both. Its been so long. I’m glad you
    Found your soulmate and you’re happy. Somehow it will work out for you & Sam. Nice name, Sam.
    Becca is so looking for to seeing you. And I’m so sorry about your Father. Please give your Mom & sisters my best. I can well understand how your Mom feels.

    Maybe I’ll make it back to NY one day.

    Your old friend, Celeste (& I mean ” old”)


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