Mom’s Always Mend

Have had a busy weekend of getting ready for the week. Heading to DC tomorrow afternoon. Sam needed to get a new suit for DC so Gary’s Mom came by on Saturday to give some help with mending his trousers, etc. Nothing like a mom to mend things…and make it all better. (and yes, no matter how old you are, having your mom measure your suit and tell you what she thinks you should wear does make you feel like an eight year old).

Mom’s Always Mend

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1 American man & 1 British man who met, fell in love, got married, who were not allowed to live together. Three months after the demise of DOMA, we fought to gain rights that never should have been denied. Prior, lied to by fraud attorney for over 2 years. We have equality now, most do not. We will continue to stand for equality for all until they are able to!

2 thoughts on “Mom’s Always Mend

  1. Pat

    I heard about your site from Rick. I will be following your story and rooting for you guys all the way. As a mom who always wants to “mend” things for my children no matter how old they get, I really relate to and appreciate your Mom’s reply. Good Luck!!!!

  2. Ann Wanderlingh

    Gary/Sam: The written comments are very touching, thank you. But it did sadden me because Moms do always want to make things better and “mend” what isn’t right. I realize I can’t mend the equality situation for you and only the government can. Hopefully some of the Senators and Representatives that you will be meeting in Washington will be “Moms” and thus be more compassionate towards “our children.” Good luck!

    Love you.


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